The Empowered Woman on: Social Media

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What. a. response.

As I discussed in the previous post, I was sitting in my mum’s house two nights ago when I finally battered out everything that was on my mind and hit ‘publish’ for the first time. I was pretty unsure of what was next for me or even what I was going to say.

It just felt right.

What’s nice when reading it back is that it truly was a therapeutic experience.

I don’t even really recall sitting and writing over 1000 words. All I remember is opening the laptop, making a cup of tea and letting it happen. It was cathartic.

I didn’t know what to expect. The most exciting thing about having the word ‘project’ in the title is that it really will drive itself. I’m obviously going to be behind the steering wheel but as yet, I don’t know exactly where we are headed.

Within a few hours of the first post going up, I received a handful of truly moving messages from women who had read the blog. Covering topics I hadn’t thought would come up.

I shared my story and it seems like you want to share yours.

I have engaged directly with a few of you so far and have shared some experiences and that is exactly one of the main things I hoped for when I frantically bashed out my thoughts just two nights ago when I had reached my lowest at my mum’s.

It was eye opening to me how much of my post resonated with other women on Social Media. What this means is that, as suspected, I’m not alone with my views. There is a can of worms that hasn’t been opened; a discussion which needs to happen. Women’s lives are being dramatically affected by Social Media and we should be talking about it.

All of this led me to the decision to plan a couple of events.

I’m going to host two events via The Empowered Woman. One in Glasgow and one in Edinburgh. It’s going to be called:

“The Empowered Woman on: Social Media”

This will hopefully become a series of events I host through the project covering different topics which crop up along the way and opening up new dialogues between women who may not have otherwise crossed paths.

My social media event will hear four women talk about their positive and negative experiences with social media and how it has affected their life. I will share details of the panel soon and hope that when the date and tickets are announced, you will all get booked up an join me to join in the discussion.

There will be a Q&A session at the end and of course the opportunity for a coffee and chat afterwards with some likeminded females.

Look forward to sharing the details with you all soon.





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