Surprise yourself: Turning busy into productive

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I still can’t quite believe the momentum my wee project has gathered so far.

It just goes to show that, if you let your intentions and heart lead the way, you really can achieve whatever you desire, even if you are still figuring that out bit by bit. I do not view myself as any sort of writer so the fact the blog is even getting just a few daily hits is pretty cool. A couple of people who I really care about and who’s opinions I really value behind the scenes have also commented on the writing style positively so I’m glad it’s at least readable for you all!

Like my project, I’m a work in progress…

So last night, I restarted the personal Instagram page I deactivated. My week (yes, just a week!) away from the platform I talked so negatively of gave me just the down time I needed for now.

However, I found myself picking up my phone on a number of occasions throughout the day or even mid conversation (I found the compulsion insane…) to have another mindless scroll and click. I am really glad I gave myself the stopping cue I talked about in my first post, even if it was just a temporary measure.

I forced myself to limit my consumption for a little while. The information wasn’t accessible immediately and I felt a whole lot calmer throughout the process.

Suddenly I was without all of the content I’d had in the palm of my hand before but it was liberating! For once, I didn’t know about the workout someone aced who I’ve never met, I didn’t spend ten minutes scrolling through photos of people I don’t know at an event which I have no interest in.

I’m not saying that being exposed to these things is always a negative experience because for the most part, I’ve chosen to follow who and what I do so in theory, it should be content I’m happy to see but what I mean is that by not knowing, it provided a sense of calm and clarity I haven’t felt for a while and based on the experience, I highly recommend trying it out yourself sometime.

It will all be there when you do choose to go back and just because you didn’t post about it doesn’t mean that you didn’t nail your workout or ace your diet plan daily. We don’t need to share these things for them to be happening. The world still spins. That is a wee reminder to me more than to any of you.

So anyway, once again, I digress.

The point of this post is that, from the lowest point I reached on Friday, not even a week ago, I have shared so much with the world but in a different light. I’ve dropped the act I guess and been productive in the process. I have turned my struggle into a project and I’m working on turning my negatives into positives. I will continue to let the project do the talking, I’m just allowing it to free flow. But in just under a week, I have two confirmed events, one pilot podcast episode and 2-3 posts up on my blog.

I don’t feel like I’ve ever been so productive in my life.

But that’s because it’s not like effort. It is rewarding me like therapy would. With each ‘session’ on the project, I feel happier and calmer.

I’ve always been busy but I’ve not always been productive.

Due to the nature of Social Media and networking apps, it’s so easy nowadays to feel busy but to be extremely unproductive as a result. The two don’t walk hand in hand like they used to. They can but more often than not, they don’t.

What I’m trying to say here is that true productivity comes from the right intention behind the action. You need to crave whatever it is you are doing and do it with purpose.

A few interesting key words have cropped up a few times throughout the last week since the project’s birth and one follower used the word passionate.

Passionate is an adjective I can get behind.

Passion is what’s driving this thing! If you do something with passion, there’s no wrong way to do it. You have literally given it your all. The people who inspire me the most are always passionate people. Passionate about their work, passionate their family, passionate about their art, passionate about their people.

So that leads me to the stuff I’ve been up to. I have wanted to podcast for some time and, like the blog and the events, I just let it happen organically. I picked up my phone on Wednesday morning with a coffee by my side and no notes and just spoke. I joke on the pilot episode (and then laugh at my own joke..) that I need to get a copy of the ‘Podcasting for Dummies’ book from Waterstones which I now know exists (£21.99)… but really, it’s pretty tricky when you’re not particularly tech-orientated like me. I may buy the book.

But I managed, via a few online how-to’s and my experienced podcaster pal (thanks, Scott!), to get my podcast from my voice notes, onto Sound Cloud and onto The Empowered Woman Project’s Facebook page at about 3am this morning so do have a listen and let me know if you have any feedback. It is muffled in places but it’s purpose for now is to serve as a rough idea of what’s ahead. Also, if there are any speakers in particular you’d like to hear from or topics you’d like covered by the project’s podcast, do send me an email and let’s have a chat.

The last and final piece of news on my productivity I’d like to share with you all is that I’ve planned my most empowered thing to date I think and the spooky thing, which wasn’t planned is, it’s this Sunday (the 11th March, exactly one year post fire and marriage break down). I’ve done something a wee bit crazy and booked a flight to New York City.

New York is my favourite place in the world!

I’m lucky enough to have visited two times before but what makes this visit even more exciting is, I am going with my project under my arm. I have a vision and there’s no time like the present to take action.

I have reconnected with old connections, tweeted and instagrammed all about it and I will be busy having important conversations with the right people before my trip and during my time in The Big Apple.

The biggest and most empowered bit about It all is I have never flown solo before other than between Scotland and London and I am terrified!

But it’s something I need to do, for me.

I’ve challenged myself and, as all things project related are, it’s encouraging me to become more empowered through experience. Anyway, I must stop. I feel sick just writing about it!

I’m going to be documenting every step of my own empowered journey across the atlantic on The Empowered Woman Facebook and Instagram and I will be sharing lots of stories, pictures and lovely things along the way.

I look forward to sharing the experience with you all as I continue on my journey with you all to not being empowered but to becoming more empowered.




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