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First of all, thank you to everyone who’s been following the blog to this point.

It’s been an exciting journey full of interesting stories intertwined with fascinating people. The one thread which seems to connect us all is this urge that women are amazing. We need to start appreciating ourselves, our minds, our bodies and each other in which ever way we can.

The notion took me to create a theme around body positivity. It all started with a request on the Instagram page for guest speakers for a Glasgow event. The first person who got in touch is a lady who has been struggling with psoriasis for a significant period of her adult life. The next speaker who got in touch has a career in wedding planning and feels there is a societal pressure on brides-to-be to ‘shred for the wedding’ or an inherent need to slim down to look good enough in a wedding dress.

While I am still seeking another two speakers for the Glasgow event (which is due to take place on Sunday 10th June), these are two areas I hadn’t even really considered when I started scribbling about body positivity and that’s what’s so exciting and innovative about the project. I am arranging and collating but it’s you lot who are running it and dictating it’s direction with each story and idea shared.

So far, the weekend is scheduled to happen over the 9th and 10th June so save the date!

On 9th June, we will kick off with a ‘march for body positivity’ at midday in Glasgow. The plan is to walk down Buchanan Street in just our bras and pants. I want to start the weekend with a statement which says that we are happy with who we are and what we represent as individuals but also as a group of empowered women. I hope as many of you as possible will take part!

On 10th June, we will then have the body positive event in Glasgow (venue TBC) which will see a panel of interesting women challenge the subject of body positivity. We will have focus groups and an interesting open discussion at the end with plenty of opportunity to share ideas and network with other women.

Please let me know if you’d like to get involved. I look forward to the whole weekend! and a big massive thank you to Jude and Amanda who are already helping me to ensure the weekend will be a fantastic success.







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