Body positivity: Open up and embrace your box.

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Never did I imagine that the wee project I set up just six weeks ago would have led me to sit and do night’s worth of reading and research on different medical conditions; but it has.

I have learnt so much in the last few weeks about conditions I’d never heard of. What this means is that there are extraordinary women in all pockets of society who are leading seemingly ordinary lives and dealing with conditions that we actually don’t talk about or that we aren’t aware of.

When I opened up the body positivity box to project followers and supporters, you all wanted to talk. It’s been an overwhelmingly positive movement indeed. And one I feel is so important. Our body positivity boxes are all unique but what’s in all of them is the ability to feel powerful about our differences.

Sharing our differences creates a powerful community of women who are nothing but accepting of themselves.

In the short time since opening up the conversation, I’ve learnt about muscular dystrophy, ME, trichotrillomania, psoriasis and vitiligo. This just scratches the surface of the things women have been in touch about but it gives you an insight into some of the new knowledge I’ve acquired and that you want to share. I’m sure that some or all of you may not even have heard of these conditions and yet women are living their lives with these and they could affect any of us.

Body positivity seems to be an area we are all keen to explore. I don’t think I would be wrong to suggest we are enjoying sharing our stories and want to learn more about each other.

I believe my project has the opportunity to connect women from all over who share one goal. To be empowered just as they are. Conditions, ‘flaws’ and individual paths.

If you would like to contribute a story, share a view, chat to me on the podcast or get involved with any aspect of the project, please get in touch. Even if you’d just like to meet and chat or to get involved with the planning of one of the events.

This one’s for Emily. You inspire me all the time to be better.





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