Hang out with unhappiness.

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The title of this post may seem a tad strange and radical considering most of my posts delve into the paths to happiness and fulfilment. Of course we are all on a quest for those things BUT, and I think it was John Lennon who was once quoted as saying this, “Life is what happens when you’re making other plans” so stop missing out on all of the little moments waiting for the big moment.

The little moments are the here and now. Your life.

Naturally, as life ebbs and flows, it presents us with a variety of circumstances, environments and challenges. Each person experiences the world differently and over time and through experience, we develop our own unique set of coping mechanisms and ways of responding.

As human’s, it is intrinsic to experience the full wheel of emotion.

We wouldn’t be human if we didn’t experience happiness, sadness, fear, gratitude, guilt etc and the list goes on but the amazing thing about humans is we have the freedom of choice. What we can learn to get good at, over time, is mindfulness and accepting the way we feel without judgement or being too self-critical.

We are so compassionate for other humans but really lack it for ourselves sometimes. Think about it. If you saw someone fall over and hurt themselves for example, the likelihood is you’d rush over to see if they are OK and to check they are not suffering. So why is that empathy and support reserved for other people? Why don’t you try treating yourself like you would someone who you didn’t want to see suffering. Stop being so hard on yourself.

Sit with fear. Sit with misery. Sit with unhappiness. Sit with happiness.

Know that it is normal and human to feel those things from time to time. Be radical enough to accept and ‘hang out’ with those feelings from time to time.

I think it shows real strength of character to be so tuned into what your body and mind are telling you that you can actually just experience the moment for what it is without rushing to change it or, dare I say, ‘fix it’.

On the path to empowerment, we are hoping that the negative feelings creep up less often. But stop trying to distract from them all the time. Let them in, experience them, then let them go. It’s not the end of the world and let’s face it, the world would be a lot less colourful if we simply felt one emotion the whole time.

Let me know what your thoughts are, hopefully this isn’t too negative a post. I obviously don’t wish anyone to feel unhappy but just try being OK with it from time to time and being a little kinder to yourself. I promise it will make the negative feelings seem less important.





  1. Love it. I wrote something similar, that it’s okay to feel bad. It really is okay to feel how we feel. & John Lennon rocks!


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