Connect over a coffee.

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Coffee is one of the true loves of my life.

I don’t just love the nostalgic aroma of coffee beans first thing in the morning or the fact it perks me right up when I’m still half asleep but I love it’s ability to connect people. It’s such a foundation to so many friendships, connections and romances.

Coffee houses have long been a safe space humans to socialise and connect. Whether for a social gathering or a business meeting. Having done a fair bit of research before I put this post together, I discovered that coffee first arrived in Europe in the 17th century. It was no surprise to me that coffee was initially sold in pharmacies as a medicinal remedy (I know a few of us who still feel like it’s purely medicinal!) however the first European coffee shop opened in 1683 in Venice and the idea quickly became very popular.

Coffee houses are venues which encourage people to chat, switch off and to pass the time. Personally, I visit coffee shops alone pretty frequently as for me, someone who lives alone, it’s quite nice to be among people while simultaneously enjoying time alone or working away on something. With regards to going for coffee with another person, it’s as if the phrase ‘let’s go get coffee’ translates to ‘let’s connect’ or ‘let’s chat’. There are also studies which show that a short coffee break in the work place can encourage conversation amongst co-workers and increase productivity.

Many a connection and friendship for me have started from simply going for a coffee with someone. Some coffee shops are now even trying to provide cues to initiate conversation among customers. One in particular, which deserves a special mention and is a real favourite haunt of mine when I am there is Birch in New York City.

Check out what they’re up to here:

They have long table seating which means you are deliberately sat opposite or next to a stranger and offer small cards which you can display at your place which ask a question. The goal of these small cards is to ignite some chat between two strangers. How cool is that?

Going for a coffee is something we all love to do. Whether you’re more about an oat milk flat white or a matcha patcha green tea pie bro latte, there’s something for everyone both in coffee and in social potential.

So the point in this post, which I am writing in my local Waterstones with a coffee (surprise, surprise!) is that I would like to encourage some of The Empowered Woman Project followers to get out and ‘connect over a coffee’. I think that I am building a substantial following of likeminded female followers and I think it would be great if some of you could connect!

What I propose is then that you DM the project page with your name and your closest city and I will then put you in touch with another and it’s then your mission to arrange to connect over a coffee with a stranger!

It’s like the new and cosmopolitan approach to having a pen pal!

You will then have formed a new connection with another human who you will likely love and can continue to meet up or simply connect via social media after your coffee date. I think that’s a pretty lovely notion.

DM the page and let’s start forming some new connections.

We will then see how you all got on!












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