Nearly TWO months of good intention.

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Before I begin, and as we approach the 2 month (yes, just 2 months!) anniversary of the project, I just want to say a huge massive gigantic thank you to everyone and anyone who’s double tapped, read, shared, stopped to be with us on the street, taken a card or a flower or even submitted their own story.

I still don’t know what the project is but I’m enjoying watching it grow and provide different meaning to those it reaches in it’s many forms. Every day, my own project inspires me to become a better version of myself.

Who knew that sharing my story would inspire so many brave women to come forward and share their own? Covering such a multitude of very important issues, some of which I certainly haven’t encountered before. It’s been a huge learning process and period of growth and is bringing so much into my life.

I started the project so I had a fresh focus and a place to channel my energy. I’m not really ready to address it yet but I wrote most of my initial posts from my hospital bed.

I have had a vision for quite some time now that I was destined to help other women but I just never really knew the capacity in which that would take place. Now I know that I just have to let it happen organically and be more of what I needed in the world just a few months ago. More empathetic, more open and ultimately, more kind.

I have said it before many times but if you do something, anything with the right intention and from a place of sheer passion, you can’t go far wrong. As I said in a previous post, and it’s now become one of my favourite lines… “Find your fire and fuel it, I promise that the rest will fall into place”. I am learning every day through writing, sharing, giving and curating that this is most definitely the case.

I don’t know what the project is. But I know it’s providing my life with a great deal of new people, energy, love and direction.

What does the project mean to you?

I’d be interested to find out.



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