Collect moments.

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What an exciting week or so it’s been for the blog and the project!

The Scottish Sun wanted to address my story and journey and this mental health awareness week, they have been right behind the project, my recovery and all the work I am doing. Its so wonderful to have some recognition and support for something which I just get so much joy from and which gets me out of bed in the morning. Thank you to Jennifer and the team there. It’s been a really lovely support.

I’m currently in Turkey having a week by the sea to just totally unwind. The Marmaris Yacht marina is a total sanctuary of calm and beauty. I’ve brought my beautiful friend Sara for company who I would say has become a bit of a creative muse in the last while. We haven’t known each other for too long but she holds so many of the same values and shares similar visions for the future and I think when you meet someone who you share that connection with, you just know… I know she will play a big part in whatever the future holds.

That’s really what this post is about.

Not knowing what the future holds.

Don’t be scared of that being your current situation! It’s a little bit unnerving but also pretty exciting.

You are in charge of your destiny and can shape your future however you like. In life, I think it’s important collect moments and make memories where you love and with people you love. This is the real way to create the future of your dreams without a certain path. I posted a quote this morning on the Instagram which read,

“Adventure may hurt you. But monotony will kill you.”

And I’ve taken a lot of inspiration for my life from this quote. Adventure, challenges and new experiences come with self-doubt and possibilities of accidents, injury, heartbreak or temporary failure.

But that’s just it… everything is temporary.

By collecting moments and cherishing every little detail of life (remember, the odds of you even being born are… well there are varying statistics available but basically you are a fucking miracle… do some googling yourself!) you will manifest a life you love because you’re only involving the good stuff and taking joy in the things you do everyday.

Stop and look around you once in a while. Breathe. Pay more attention to the taste of your food and to your surroundings and allow new people and experiences into your life without fear.

Let’s face it, if something doesn’t go as first planned then it was still a journey. And any journey in this provides lessons, fresh perspective and new appreciation.

Feeling rather positive today. The good days are good to document and look back on when there are not so good days.


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