Never stop learning.

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This post is inspired by a quote my friend Sara shared with me yesterday which is:

“Far too curious for complacency”.

I think sometimes, as humans, especially now everything is available at our fingertips, we do suffer from complacency. We like comfortable situations which offer stability and predictability in our jobs, finances and relationships.

But what these situations don’t usually offer is growth and the opportunity to learn.

As far as I’m concerned, education is lifelong and it isn’t confined to schools, colleges and universities. Lessons are in everything if we decide to be keen learners.

I’m no expert on the topic, but having trawlled online and spoken to others about this notion of always learning, I’ve put together a few tips and tricks you can add to your life now to ensure you are always living in a headspace that welcomes growth of mindset and learning new things.

There is a saying I once heard which is “you are the average of the top 5 people you spend most of your time with”. If this is correct, or if the fact that who you spend your time with has a direct impact on the choices you make for your own life then my first tip has to be this:

Surround yourself with achievers!

There are always people not too far away who we aspire to be like. They are successful, knowledgable and seem to have all the secrets. The secret though isn’t in trying to become them but in trying to be around them.

I try to ask myself that question pretty frequently. If I am feeling like I am capable of doing more and achieving more, I look at the people around me. If the top few people I’m around most aren’t people I am inspired by or don’t add positive energy to my life, then I reassess who I’m giving my time and energy to.


Travelling is something that people tend to push back in life. “Oh I’ll get round to it”… but actively doing more of it can have a huge positive impact on your life.

There is scientific evidence which found that purchasing something experiential boost happiness much more than buying something material ever will. I think it’s because it’s buying the unknown. To go to a new place pushes you out of your comfort zone. Everything becomes exciting. From taking public transport to just checking out the architecture and sampling the local cuisine.

Theres also no doubt that travelling broadens the mind. When we travel, we trust ourselves to navigate new surroundings and push ourselves to meet new people. Especially if we travel alone which is something I’ve really grown to love doing.

Read. Listen. Watch.

To continue learning is to read, listen and watch. The media you consume also has an impact on your performance in all aspects of life so if you want to experience growth, it’s probably not going to happen by binge watching hours and hours of Coronation Street on catch up! Everything in moderation I support but it’s like the thing I said earlier about the top 5 people you keep around you. We are drenched in content. It is being fed to us through our phones, in magazines and on the programmes  we love to watch. So be just as selective with what these are as you would be with the people you give your energy to.

Book up for some unique events to experience some new culture, read a new book that you mightn’t have picked up before, listen to podcasts! Podcasts or audiobooks can be a great way to get some extra “reading” in while on the go and without even picking up an actual book.

Please let me know if you’ve any amazing recommendations!

I’d also love to hear some of your own tips about continuing learning well beyond school, college and / or university. How do you ensure you’re staying on top of you learning game?

Thank you as always…


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