Through my best friend’s eyes.

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I wrote a post a few days ago where I asked two best friends to come forward to comment on each other’s beliefs about themselves. As I said before, someone is a ‘best friend’ because we like to spend time in their company and we appreciate their qualities and values.

Sometimes, then, it would be good when we are being hard on ourselves to see ourself through our best friend’s eyes.

Again, for the purposes of the post, I will be referring to the friends as K and H.

So first of all, I asked K to tell me five areas she wishes she could improve with regards to her life.

K on herself: I’d certainly like to improve aspects of my mental health. I think I let it get the better of me at times.

I wish I was as dedicated as I used to be to the gym and healthy eating.

A few body parts, In a dream world I’d have a few things done.. but I’m a big scardie cat and I also don’t have that kind of money. After loosing weight quite quickly there’s certain areas that just aren’t aesthetically pleasing

I certainly feel like I’m constantly ruining around.. I feel like don’t really have sh*t together. I feel like im always wasting the free time I have so I try to fit as much in as possible.

I’d change my confidence. 100% I have no real self confidence anymore.

H’s response: K, I think you are one of the bravest, strongest and most resilient human beings I’ve ever met – you’re so hard on yourself in regards to your mental health but even at your lowest you never allow it to win as you bounce back after the low passes.

Dedication to the gym and eating – we both know there is extreme measures of this that aren’t actually worth it, life is what is important. It’s too short and neither of us want our grave to state “here lies someone who ate lettuce and burned over 2000kcal on the daily.

You work hard, you workout when you’re feeling like it which is intuitive – that’s how it should be, you know that forcing yourself to do anything never feels good.

The aesthetic side of weight loss, I completely understand however that body keeps you going, it’s your home and the only one you have. If you got surgery, it’s highly likely there would be other things you’d want to change and it will always be a never ending battle.

Be proud of your body, your worth is not defined on the amount of space you take up in the world – no surgery would ever make you a better version of yourself because you are the very best version right now, you’re so wonderful.

I’m not entirely sure that anyone is 100% confident, I think most of society are winging it, portraying confidence because we are so frightened of showing our true selves. Only those closest to us know the raw version – I’m so lucky that I’m one of your people, I think you’re completely wonderful in every way & my life has only been enhanced by finding our friendship – I love you!!

H on herself: I’d like to have a feeling of contentment, be alright with where I am in life. I often look around me and see so many successful people that are around my age when I haven’t done half the stuff they have which makes me feel I’m not good enough.

I’d like to be brave. There are a million & one things I’d “love to do” but I don’t have the guts.

My brain !!!! I’d give anything to be able to give myself a break from my own thinking – I’m my own worst enemy.

Sense of style, I’d love to be one of those girls who chucks outfits together & looks sensational. Instead, I just look like a chump 99.9% of the time !

Tits & teeth – if I could afford it, both of these would get enhanced hahaha !!!

K’s response: H, I honestly believe that there are far more people out there who aren’t “ok” with where they are in life.

We stress to much about what other people have achieved and where they are at in life that we completely disregard our own successes. She has done so much in her life already, overcame many obstacles and challenges, had some amazing experiences and some that have helped to create the incredible woman that she is! We are all different and do things at a different pace from others. She has years and years ahead of her to accomplish what she desires, and I know she will!

She’s probably one of the bravest people I know.. where some girls would be afraid to go into the weights section in the gym, she absolutely bosses it! She’s real and genuine and honest, it’s takes a brave person to share what she shares with the world on a day to day basis via her Instagram. There are a million things you’d love to do, but one by one I know you’ll get through them. I mean she’s taking on tough mudder this year! That’s brave!!

She is most definitely her own worst enemy, but guess what we all are.

We’re human!!

The mind can be such a dark place at times, it sounds selfish to say but I’m glad of the way her brain works. She just gets me because of her I feel like I’m not alone in some of the things I go through, I know it’s because we’ve both unfortunately visited a darker place and our brains work similarly.

Sense of style?! This girl rocks up every Thursday morning in costa looking absolutely amazing and it’s like 7.30am!

I’ve seen her with no make up, I’ve seen her hungover (thank you snapchat), I’ve seen her half asleep and I’ve seen her done up… the girl is flawless. She could probably wear a tesco carrier bag and look fabulous! Again it all comes back to her being her own worst enemy. I wish she could see herself through my eyes!

We all want what we don’t have… especially when at one point we had it hello exercise and weight loss, good bye boobs it’s the harsh reality! If it truly made her happy to get a double T done (tits and teeth) I’d give her the money in a heartbeat… if I ever had it Not because I think she need to change either because I honestly think she is beautiful inside and out. It’s a case of each to there own really, if that’s something that she wanted to change for her the who am I to stop it or judge?

I love everything about her from her teeth to her tits and her face to her feet, in my opinion she’s perfect!

Thank you to two wonderful best friends for sharing their thoughts about themselves and each other.

It’s very clear they have a lot of love for each other and value each other very much.



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