Addicted to social media or just lonely?

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As many of you know, I live on my own.

If you asked me to be honest about this, finally, I’d say I’m pretty happy and settled! I come and go as I please, I don’t have to answer to anyone and I look after my own needs however I best can. I’ve even quit dating!

What I didn’t realise prior to a friend opening up to me about it earlier tonight though is that I’m probably very lonely and don’t even realise it. She said: “you are addicted to social media.” It made me think long and hard about my use of social media which I’ve talked about in a previous post.

Am I really just wasting away my whole days on social media? Am I placing value on my life’s activities based on likes, shares and engagement? She said something which really hit home for me.

She said “wake up… you’re not getting this time back.” It’s the fucking truth! I felt it hit me like a tonne of bricks and felt myself welling up at the prospect of it being nothing but the hard truth.

So how do we differentiate?

I didn’t think I was lonely. Or that I was using social media as a coping mechanism for anything. Why? Because I may be alone but I have a lot of people interested in my life and who check in on me regularly with care.

But I looked at how much time I spend on various social media apps and realised I really am wasting so much valuable living time.

So it’s time to remedy this.

Im writing this for some accountability. I’m going to designate parts of the day I don’t spend time on my phone glued to the screen. Everything is still there an happening without my presence every moment!

How do you guys limit your smart phone use or time on social media apps?

I’d be interested to know. For me, it’s time to get real.


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