“Report things. Even if you’re scared.”

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Dear 18 year old self,

You are stronger than you think and beautiful inside and out. Meals don’t define who you are. Eat and enjoy it.

Be happy within yourself don’t aspire to keep everyone else’s happy as it’s not possible. Grab life with both hands and live it.

You are not ugly or worthless or unwanted. There will be people in your life who make you feel this. You will get through leaving them. Focus on yourself and your health now. Not later… or you will end up regretting it and with many much health problems.

You’re smart, young and amazing believe that and follow your dreams. Don’t trust as easily – be cautious.

Live laugh and love. But don’t lose who you are in the process. Everything happens for a reason. You are always stronger than you think. And in those moments you struggle, ask for help. You are not a burden and if you’re made to feel like that in relationship, get out sooner rather than later. Report things even if you’re scared, there is always help.

Keep fighting little one.

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