Change your story.

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What will your legacy be?

It’s struck me recently how finite and incredible life is. It’s so short and we are merely tiny specs existing within a giant universe. We are little miracles of creation and none of us really asked for the complex opportunity that is life but alas, here we are.

It also struck me that we have such a short space of time to make an impact. If you feel you don’t make an impact or aren’t living the life you’ve always dreamed of, I want to let you know it’s never too late to change your story.

Too many people become complacent and feel like their life is set in stone based on their environment but you are absolutely in charge of your story and future.

I have known for years that I wanted to help other women. I just didn’t know in what capacity. Since hitting an all time low a few months ago, I’ve literally realised that you are responsible of taking ownership of your life. In order to flourish, you must own your truth.

Never be ashamed of where you’ve been or what you’ve done to get there. Every failure and every success has made you into who you are today. And that is the foundation from which you can continue to build.



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