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Today, the project were lucky enough to meet up with Ravideep Kaur.

Local to Dundee but originally from London, stylist and blogger Rav has found it tricky to fit into a small area in Scotland while still remaining authentic about who she is and where she’s from in terms of identity and religion.

Being a mother in this day and age is tricky enough. But particularly if you’re trying to balance teaching your children to be proud of their heritage and empower them with knowledge about their religion with explaining the fear of the unknown and a lack of education which comes from people within their own community.

Hearing from Rav combined with the fact my boyfriend is from Romania, I have had my eyes opened recently to the lack of inclusivity which exists in Scotland and the UK, particularly within smaller towns and communities where there’s maybe a gap in knowledge with regards certain cultures or religions.

Feeling seen, included and heard is a big part of what the project exists to promote therefore we are feeling extremely motivated to give Rav the platform to open up the dialogue about the importance of identity and representation within smaller communities.

Why are we shushing our children when they ask questions? Questions such as “Mummy, why are they brown?” are not racially motivated whatsoever… in fact, that question posed there is a beautiful opportunkty to open up a dialogue and educate. Educate your children about religion, values, culture and difference. Arm them with the opportunity to embrace differences within humans make the world a more exciting place to be.

Together with Rav, we are working on bringing a series of events to Scotland to open up these conversations about identity and representation. Do you feel excluded? Like you don’t have a platform? That you are under represented? If anything I have discussed here or that Rav talks about resonates with you, please get in touch to talk at one of our representation events.

We are excited to open up these overdue dialogues about communities and what inclusivity actually means to the individuals who strive to feel it.


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