I’ve fallen in love…

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Madly and deeply In love.

Definitely the last thing I thought I’d be writing about given the fact my divorce only came through a couple of months ago and I was posting lots of pictures with a big Romanian man just a few weeks ago but life happens very unexpectedly sometimes and the truth is:  I’ve fallen in love. Madly and deeply in love. Like the love you see in the cinema on the big screen.

As a self confessed hopeless romantic, I’m totally In awe that this kind of love has somehow found it’s way to me. It’s inspiring and enlightening.

The love I’ve found is one I’ve always dreamed about. It’s a love which feels like home. Which offers support, comfort and understanding in a way I’ve never experienced before. He wants to be my pillars and I want to be his. When he looks at me, I know he doesn’t see makeup, lip fillers, coloured hair and unachievable dreams… he sees slightly damaged Mandy who doesn’t need to wear makeup to impress who he reminds every day she can accomplish whatever she wants in the world.

Anyway home isn’t a place any more. It’s a person and an environment.

I love you P.


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