Let’s talk about success.

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Let’s talk about success.

I’ve always said I’ll be honest on here.

The truth is, I hit a bit of a low this morning when I saw for the first time how successful someone I used to know now is. I suddenly felt those old melancholy feelings return. Those feelings of not being enough, of time running out, of having missed my chance.

But how can I compare my own success to somebody else’s? That’s not something I can possibly do. The reason I say this is that although we are all human and we all arrived into the world in the same way and we all have 24 hours in a day to ‘grind’ and ‘get shit done’, achievements and successes are different to everyone and it’s all relative to that person, their environment, their circumstances and ultimately; their goals.

For me, when I look back on March of this year when I was in hospital, a big achievement for me in a day was a task as simple as making the bed and was a revelation for someone who didn’t think a day had been positive unless she’d been to the gym, prepped her meals, read a book, climbed a hill and went to ten million events. I exaggerate (obv, lol) but you get the point. I placed value on my achievements based on how much stuff I’d done. Not on the energy I know it took to get that stuff done, no matter how small it seemed to others.

I believe we all have individual timelines. That’s why I no longer get hung up on having things done by a certain age. I think that we are forced to grow at certain points and these points prepare us for our success which lies ahead.

Success for me means happiness and contentment. Genuine happiness and contentment. Not the kind of happy I want the world to see but the kind of happy that makes me feel good inside and the kind of happy which feeds my soul. It doesn’t matter how that looks to others… it matters how it feels for you.

In a world which is so fast moving… its important to take some time out to congratulate yourself on your own successes. Even if that was just getting out of bed that day or popping out to the shop. It’s no one’s business to say that’s not a successful day / week / month / life because they don’t walk the world in your shoes. They don’t see the world through your eyes.

Success is very personal to you. Don’t put pressure on yourself and feel you have to have done X, Y and Z in order to be considered a success. If you do yourself proud and you’re happy, you’re already far more successful than you think.


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