Nikita’s story.

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I started drinking at an early age due to family issues which escalated out of control. When I was 17, I was involved in a road traffic accident which pushed my mental health and drinking to another level which was out of control.

That’s when the drink really got out of control and at 18, I had my first detox but I wasn’t ready. This was in the July and by the following February, I was drinking again and after another five months of daily drinking and drug abuse, I was ready to sort my life out. It was time to wake up and smell the roses.

I remember waking my mum up at 6am while I was still drunk to tell her I was an alcoholic once again. I wouldn’t have done it sober and after a horrific detox, I became sober and started my recovery journey once again but this time I had The Voice Hub which is provided by Gwent Drug and Alcohol Service. They supported me through everything and all of the volunteers had been there themselves which meant they really did understand and that sparked something inside me. I wanted to turn this negative into a positive and so I started to volunteer at The Voice Hub and if I hadn’t, I don’t think I’d be here talking to you and 13 months sober.


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