Boy? Girl? Doctor? Student? Unemployed? Young? Old?

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Sorry but what the hell does it matter?

I see humans.

I see individual and interesting people who all arrived unexpectedly into this world and who have the ability to talk, empathise, connect and understand.

Relatively speaking, we are here passing through for a tiny tiny amount of time. Are we really going to spend it scared to push ourselves out of our comfort zone? Or scared to do things which worry us?

There are a couple of well known quotes which have kept me going recently, these are:

“Life is what happens when you’re making other plans”


“You can be the ripest and most juiciest peach but there’ll still be someone who just doesn’t like peaches”.

Both of these serve as reminders to NOT procrasinate but also to enjoy yourself and own yourself no matter who you’re around. There will always be someone who isn’t your people. But that’s just it, they’re not your people!

I adore having events with the project because they always bring so many unique humans with unique experiences together but to talk about issues which don’t discriminate. Issues we can all relate to and share experiences of.

Mandy the human @ TEWP x




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