The Circle… of Narcicissm?

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The Circle is a new reality TV programme comprised of 8 people who are all put up in an apartment block.

The only interaction they have is with each other and via Social Media, there is no face to face contact.

The game promotes players doing whatever necessary to be the most popular including portraying themselves as someone they are not!

Currently, there is a gay guy pretending to be straight, a 40 year old woman pretending she is 34 and an oncologist when she isn’t, a guy pretending he is a girl and a girl who is pretending she isn’t a parent.

The rest, thus far, have opted to be themselves. The aim of the game is to be the most popular and you can win £50,000.

This may seem funny but what is it teaching us? It’s teaching us that popularity is more important than being ourselves, that insta followers and likes are ultimate representation of who we are!

How is that right?

In what planet is this normal?

It’s promoting cat fishing, lying, being fake, it’s sending all the wrong messages and encouraging an array of negative behaviours in an already narcissistic highly impressionable society.

Claire @ TEWP x

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  1. Joanne WOOD says

    Great Post, totally agree. I have a narcissist in my husbands family, she has always has to be centre of attention, usually knock those down around her. How different things would be if we built each other up and championed each other on in a positive way, instead of provoking, gossiping and enjoying the fall out.


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