From Millie, age 16.

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Dear Lauren Goodger, Chloe Ferry, Marnie Simpson, Kylie Jenner… I could go on.

Let’s just say I’m envious.

I’ll go through your Instagram pictures, looking at your body photos desperately wondering how I can get an hourglass body and curves like that. I cannot get surgery as I’m 16 so:

1) I’m underage

2) I don’t have the money

I’ll sit staring at your photos then do numerous uncomfortable poses in the mirror to try and replicate and look even remotely like you. Sometimes, tears will roll down my face. It disheartens me that I can’t have a body like that within a matter of hours. I’ve bought a waist trainer to try and help me look like you. I wear it three times a week all day, sat uncomfortably at school. People actually think I’m pregnant because of the positions I sit in to get comfortable.

But I hope that, in time, it will make me have curves like you.

It disheartens me that I cannot buy skinny coffee club, boom bod or skinny revolution weight loss injections as I don’t want my family to know I’m buying these things.

I desperately want to look like that.

Chloe and Marnie, I haven’t been insecure about my nose at all, and I actually liked my nose until you started frequently posting more side profiles. Now I just want a smooth curved nose like you.

I’ve wanted lip fillers but I hadn’t been overly bothered about my lips until you started posting side profiles and your lips are there, unlike mine. Your pout is effortless and you can smile without having your top lip disappear.

Why can’t I be like that?

Why can’t I take photos without filters covering my nose?

Why can’t I take photos without pushing my lips out to the maximum to try and make them look bigger?


Millie for TEWP, age 16 x

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  1. Eliza W says

    There is so much more to life than being sexually attractive. Don’t let people tell you otherwise. How you look is the LEAST important thing about you.


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