Don’t be a prisoner of your past…

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Something I’ve been focusing on a lot lately is to stop being a prisoner of my past. The past has happened. It’s done and it happened. There’s no changing this (unless you’ve created a time machine… in which case, tell me how because I’m obsessed with the possibility of creating one!).

You see, to say I’ve lived a colourful life for my short 28 years would be the biggest understatement of the century.

I’ve travelled, I’ve loved, I’ve lost, I’ve grown and I’ve fallen on numerous occasions.

My past is definitely a patchwork of bad decisions and less than ideal people sewn together with good intentions, huge ambition and a persistent identity struggle.

The first thing you have to do to stop being a prisoner of your past is this: take ownership of it.

Stop blaming other people. Stop casting yourself as the victim in your stories you keep telling yourself.

It’s very liberating to look back and agree with yourself that it happened. And because it happened, you are where you are now.

Look around you.

Life is happening now.

This ain’t no fucking dress rehearsal! We don’t get to make a fresh go of it once we’ve learnt some important lessons that we’d like to implement.

My second step to losing the shackles of your past is to turn your pain into your purpose. Do you see all of that negative energy and hate you have for your former self or for things you’ve done wrong in your past? Change that energy into drive and positivity to create a different present and and even better future.

The beauty of life and being permitted a chance on this incredible planet in the form of a human no less is that every single day is a unique chance to start again and to live the life you were always destined to.

Change the bullshit story you tell yourself internally. The story that you’re not good enough. The story that people will laugh at you. The story that people are judging you on your past.

I can almost guarantee you that everyone else you’re worried about are too focussed on their own lanes to give a shit how quickly or slowly you are progressing.

So take a leaf out of their book.

Focus on that lane of yours which lies ahead. Even if there’s a little bit of fog in the way, as long as you are looking forward, I promise you that with the right energy and attitude, that will clear.

Let me know how you stop yourself from being a prisoner of your past.

Mandy @ TEWP x


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