Happy Anniversary to me!

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Happy Anniversary to Me!

In January, I will have reached a significant single girl milestone; I will have been single for a full year.

This is the longest I’ve EVER been single, since boys first came into the radar back when I was a teenager.

Dating nowadays seems like an impossibility.

Literally all of the seemingly ‘good ones’ have already been snapped up, and us single gals are left with, what seems like, the dregs of society.

In the past year, I’ve been on some pretty awesome dates, and some equally terrible ones. I’ve met incredible humans and true scumbags in, unfortunately, equal measures and have some hilarious stories that I share with the coupled up friends who are living their single lives vicariously through me.

I had that one date that was so bad I left after 33 mins. This swiftly became the measure that ALL other future dates would be measured against. A bar set so low that I may as well have put it on the ground.

I had that one date with a Navy Officer who made me laugh so much that I nearly peed a little.

I had that one date with the intelligent physicist that I thought went so well, but he never contacted me again.

I’ve not felt the ‘vibes’, I’ve been weirded out, I’ve laughed until I cried, I cried, I’ve had some fascinating conversations, some extremely dull conversations, I’ve flirted, failed to flirt and shared some excellent kisses. I’ve been ghosted, mildly harassed, and complimented.

It’s been a great year, and despite all the ups and downs, I wouldn’t have changed it for the world.

My advice to singletons reading:

– open yourself up to stepping out of your comfort zone
– Don’t take any bullshit from anyone
– Be the most authentic version of yourself
– Be kind, always

Lots of love,

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