New year, same fabulous me!

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Last night I was having a fun night in with my friends, some food and some drinks having a great time. One of them had joined a dating app recently and I ended up making a profile for a laugh. When setting up my profile I discovered I don’t have any photos of myself since about June and even then it’s one selfie that isn’t horrendous but I’m not overly thrilled about it.

I knew I had been feeling down about myself recently but I had no idea how long it’s been since I thought of myself worthy enough to take photographic evidence of how I looked.

The past couple of months I’ve been working as a Christmas Temp in a well known, mainly womens, clothing shop. Every single day I’m working in the fitting room there is AT LEAST two separate women who take a pile of clothes in to try and leave with nothing but guilt and self hatred. It is heartbreaking to watch and no matter how honest I am with them about how amazing I think they look or how envious I am of their bodies, style etc they still leave empty handed and probably feeling worse.

Most of us believe the real time to beat the body blues is summer because of going on holiday and needing to wear bikinis or swimsuits so you don’t melt in the sun. In reality we fight this every single day. If its not a holiday, it is a night out, Christmas and New Year parties, weddings, work nights out, going for dinner… We are constantly fighting this and assuming everyone sees all the negatives we see in the mirror.

So from today I am going to make a concious effort to do something to feel good about myself as much as I can.

I want YOU to go buy that outfit you think you can’t pull off, don’t try it on cause we all know fitting room lighting is horrendous…buy it, go home and get done up then try it on and take alllllllllll the selfies and post that shit all over the Internet! Most importantly, feel good about yourself, you are not alone in how you feel about your body but the only people who can fix how we feel about ourselves is us.

Happy New Year when it comes but there won’t be a new me, I’m good as I am and so are you…

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