The Art of Happiness.

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You know what, this week has been a real kick downwards for me.

My positive mind keeps drifting away and I’ve been finding it hard to pull it back but I have such amazing support around me I’ve gotten back to smiling!

This week someone has made a disgusting comment towards me that I wasn’t being able to budge out of my mind, it was basically telling me I am a problem because of my condition and telling me to get over it, that’s just a nice way of wording it 😂

I let this get to me, then I clicked back into it! If I let that comment get to me the only person it’s upsetting and affecting is me, if someone says something negative to you, you have the power to let it pass, ignore it. YOU win then. THEY are irrelevant and will always be the unhappy opinionated grumps.

Ignorant people will never see how their actions truly affect people, be strong and don’t let it get you down. You are not the problem. THEY ARE.

I’m happy, I’m able to do all I want to do in my life and I’m grateful for that. I have loving support around me and so guess what. I don’t need negative opinions on me absorbed.
If you have something to say that could hurt someone, don’t say it. Keep your opinion to yourself. End of.
Be happy, happiness is the best medicine ✨
Remember it’s okay not to be okay sometimes, it’s the path after to kick yourself into your positive path that matters.

If you’re reading this. You’re amazing, and no one can change that about you ♥️

Ellie @ TEWP x

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