Arconne – exposing the lie of the cult like MLM scheme.

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It’s just someone trying to make their way in the world like the rest of us… thats how I make peace with it… but as a skin specialist for over 15 years, MLM beauty/skincare companies undermine my expertise and give an industry I love such a bad name.

These ‘reps’ are teachers, office workers, normal people with 9-5 jobs and have zero knowledge of skincare or an individuals skin-type will respond to certain formulations.

The woman who founded Arbonne lives close to where I work, I know people who know her and someone close to her told me all about it.

About how the products have no real science behind them and how only the first 5-10 people made any real money.  Yeah, she drives a Mercedes but the others are told to big up their lifestyles on social platforms to ‘recruit’ others.

I too have joined an MLM based around aloe vera. I loved some of their formulas, and am a natural salesperson when it comes to something I love… but despite my signing up three people and spending hundreds of pounds within my first week, the company rep’s ethics let me down.

Also, I should add, just in case you think this is me touting, I hold about £3000 worth of retail stock in the shop and only about £100 of that is just aloe vera jelly and nothing else which I only use post-treatment for my clients.

The other £2900 worth is from my trusted, scientific, chemist formulated clinical ranges which are NOT forever living or Arbonne.

It was only AFTER the sign ups and sales I was told/reminded that commission ran month end to month end, so having joined only a few days before month end, my hard work counted towards nothing! Of course the girl above me made her monthly target because of my work.

It’s a clever business model as they often recruit people who dont question things and dont fully understand how the marketing plan works.

I do, as a business owner, but realised when I saw a new mum struggling to make ends meet throwing herself into anything in the hope of a big break… it’s so sad.

I broke away immediately, and now only order what I like, trust and believe in, with no recruitment by me AT ALL.

If you allow someone with no health, skin or beauty experience to reccommend a product of this nature, beware…

New recruits spend all their money on personal use packs and stock, chasing a dream that they cannot achieve, so are literally desperate to make a sale!

Stay away…

Jen @ TEWP x




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