An open letter to the producers of Love Island.

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To the producers of hit TV show Love Island,

Love Island is a hit TV show in the UK. They’ve just started filming the 5th series which is expected to start at the beginning of June.

I’ve actually not even watched one episode but I’ve heard plenty of stories and read some of the tragedies associated to the show which are no coincidence, let me tell you.

Even the way the team at ITV2 describe the programme demonstrates their lack of care or regard to the wellbeing of their contestants…

Here’s an excerpt from a teaser for the next series, “Another batch of boys and girls looking for love – and a few million Instagram followers – will be jetting into Majorca next summer for months of sticking it on and mugging off in the hope of winning a huge cash prize (and true love, of course).”

The problem with Love Island is that young men and women apply to the programme not necessarily looking for love but searching for fame and a career and what worries me is that there doesn’t seem to be a lot of preparation OR after care to the contestants. Contestants leave a secluded house with a MASSIVE following and a tiny window with which to grab the opportunity to suddenly become an entrepreneur. You better believe how tiny that window of opportunity it.

The show provides such a lack of after care to their contestants that we’ve seen two suicides in the last 2 years. On the 15th March this year, former contestant Mike Thallassitis completed suicide by hanging and on the 20th June 2018, we lost former contestant Sophie Gradon too followed closely by her boyfriend Aaron.

2017 Islander Dom Lever called for more thorough after-show care for the cast, tweeting: “You get a psychological evaluation before and after you go on the show but hands down once you are done on the show you don’t get any support unless you’re number one.”

I want to know specifically what measures ITV2 are going to take in order to ensure the mental wellbeing of the new contestants. We simply CANNOT lose more young lives due to poor preparation / psychological protocol.



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