There’s this guy…

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There’s this guy I met back in two thousand and eleven and I can’t believe I’ve known him so long.

The years have flown by but my feelings never left. The communication went dry, our contact bereft.

It’s been eight years of to-ing and fro-ing and of knowing that we’d be perfect… 

But maybe our version of perfection can be found in the pockets of time we’ve been lucky enough to spend together.

Maybe we were never meant to experience forever.

Maybe our version of perfect is moments in time and our forever is memories captured. Those perfect little fragments piece together a picture, a picture which would look imperfect to anyone else.

But you and I know why our story is broken and we know it can’t be fixed but the solace lies in knowing that it needn’t actually ever be fixed.

Our perfect little moments in our imperfect little story live neatly in our hearts in their pockets of perfection.

Mandy @ TEWP x

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