Life of a square peg.

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As a first time blogger it’s hard to know where to start and you wounder why anyone would actually want to read what you have to say. That being said I’m going to write this anyway. Even if it is just for me.

I’d always fancied writing a blog, but didn’t really think I had anything to talk about. Then I was sitting with Katie, my therapist going over things we have discussed for almost a year now of my childhood and my disabilities and other things I’ve came through and she made me realise, Maybe I do.

So, here it is my first post!

I won’t bombard you with everything in one go, I’ll try to add an Eastenders type cliff hanger to each post to make you want to come back lol. Just kidding. It won’t be that type of blog.

Mostly this will be a place where I’ll talk about me, my disabilities and the struggles this causes me day to day but I’ll try and talk about more lighthearted things to like my business or how I found that restaurant we went to at the weekend.
For now, this is just in introduction a little hello this is me to easy you in..and me.

My name is Jaki. Yes I like to spell it weird. wait till you see my full name.

I’m 31 years old and identify as a cis female living in Glasgow. I’m also disabled and have been since birth, My disabilities though are hidden and unless you really looked or asked like a normal person you would probably never even know I wasn’t “normal” I’ll get into all my little hidden gems on a later blog but for now all that needs to be said is that my disabilities effect me day to day and lack of support from employers lead me to start my own business last year.

I have a partner who helps look after me, he probably won’t see it that way but he does. If it wasn’t for a lot of the things he does I would really struggle to live the life I do. My mum and dad are still around and I have 3 brothers who probably don’t really understand things like I wish the did or give me credit for the hard times.. maybe they will read this? Hi hello!

Over the years I’ve struggled to accept who I am for …well who I am. I’ve tried to hide things or play things down, pushing myself to limits just to try and fit in with it never really working out and me always being left hurt.

That’s where I came up with my blog name (with the help of my partner Chris…I’ll never hear the end of it if I don’t say he helped lol) I’ve always been a square peg trying to fit in a round hole. I’m not in a one size fits all situation here and I’m hoping this blog will reach others in the same slightly deflating boat. I want us to help each other re-inflate our boats, put a big ol’ plaster over the puncture and sail off into the sunset of empowerment and acceptance!

One of the reasons for starting this blog is being involved with The Empowered Woman Project @theempoweredwomanproject #TEWP – This is a community encouraging us to come together be more supportive and accepting of each other, no matter what your back ground. We celebrate all kinds of women (and men) doing extraordinary things or for even just being you. In this current time with social media, online bullying and just life being a difficult place to live we need this kind of support to be more main stream and more out there. We need to be supporting each other, listening to each other, believing each other and loving each other.

More than ever I feel I’m now in a place where I’m ready to talk openly about what life is really like for someone like me and how support from others helped me get through the hard times along the way.

I’d love for you to join me on the journey!

Hope to see you next time

Jaki @ TEWP x



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