Quarantine thoughts.

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It’s been a LONG time since I’ve written anything on the blog so it’s nice to be here and feeling motivated to write and share.

The Empowered Woman Project has now been in existence for over 2 years but in that time, it’s become so much more than just the blog itself. It’s a community. A loving community of womxn who want to share ideas and support each other to learn and grow.

A few of you know that the last year or so hasn’t been easy for me personally for a variety of reasons. Since January 2019, I have felt wildly existential and have been questioning the meaning of life pretty much constantly. If it’s not on my mind then it isn’t far away from thought. I think it when I look at buildings built by people who no longer exist, I think about it when I see an elderly person and wonder if they are aware of their own mortality. It’s constant. It’s not even a sense of dread any more, it’s more like a constant low level pessimism. Why try to achieve anything when none of it matters? We all die so why bother? It’s weird and the gravity of it and what it does to me is terrifying.

But for some reason, the current circumstances we find ourselves in is helping me in a weird way. As much as the pandemic is scary and we are losing thousands of lives to it across the globe every day, I think it’s mother nature’s way of asking us all to slow down. To pause. To spend time with our loved ones. To practice gratitude for all of the things we were taking for granted. The planet is the master of us, not the other way around. Being stuck indoors at the request of our government due to the ongoing pandemic has made me realise just how much I’m grateful for. I’m grateful for yoga stretches. I’m grateful for the space I get to call my own. I’m grateful for the health of my friends and family. I’m grateful for technology so I can stay connected. I have paused. A pause which I feel was long overdue for many of us.

What are you guys feeling grateful for?

Mandy @ TEWP x

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