I’m Mandy Rose Jones.

Welcome to my project!

I launched the project after my mental health swiftly deteriorated in March 2018. I wanted to share my story in a blog in case it helped someone out and it turns out other women had their own stories to share too.

I believe that the project has a great deal of work to do. The project has become my focus and my therapy. It’s a project which acts as a community¬†full of sharing without judgement and my ultimate goal is to empower other women.

In a world full of unachievable beauty and unrealistic expectations, I want the project to serve as a reminder to other women that they are perfect just as they are, they are seen, they are important and they matter.

The project is now a blog full of stories told by women from all backgrounds who have faced all sorts of issues. It is also a podcast (find us on ITunes), events and practicing random acts of kindness wherever possible in the form of our ‘kindness cards’ and ‘a flower for a thought’ on empowerment street missions.

The project has brought a variety of women and experiences into my life and I am learning about myself and others every day.

Here’s to the future… it’s looking bright.